Охрана и защита леса

Much attention is paid to forest protection in Begoml forest enterprise. In order to protect the forests from fires in 2018, 727 kilometers of mineralized strips have been created on the territory of the enterprise. Care for them has been taken on the total area of ​​ 1542 kilometerskm, as well as repair of 31,5 kilometers of roads of fire-prevention designation.
At the enterprise there are 4 fire-observation towers: in Begoml, Prudniki, Vitunichi, Parafyanovo forestry, which have video surveillance systems across the forest. Their range is up to 25 kilometers. Independent video surveillance system is installed in the Parafianov forestry station FOT, which operates on the solar energy.
Forest are permanently patrolled on motorcycles and bicycles. About 60 forest guards patroll daily.
To eliminate the emergent forest fires there are:
5 fire fighting vehicl (3 specially fire fighting vehicl);
5 high-pressure units with a capacity of 500 liters;
3 Blowers Stille;
15 motor pumps;
more 4000 m of fire hoses;
8 fire modules (barrel roll for watter, MTZ-82 tractor, Honda motor pump);
150 hand sprayers;
About 300 shovels;
8 plows PKL-70 for fire localization