A permanent forest nursery has been established in the Begoml forestry enterprise. In 2008, the nursery area was 1.4 hectares, in 2009 - 2.7 hectares, in 2010 - 4.7 hectares, as of 1.01.2019 - 16.8 hectares.
The nursery annually grows 2,700 thousand of seedlings and 400 thousand to spruce saplings, it completely satisfies the needs of the enterprise in the planting material and allows the seedlings to be sold annually. The enterprise uses green cuttings. Specific gravity of seedlings, created by selection seeds, in the nursery is 35%.
Since 2016 in the forestry districts of Begoml Forestry enterprise, forest cultures have been creating with the help of planting material with a closed root system.